Wedding Officiating

If you're looking for a wedding officiant in New Smyrna Beach who can help make your special day truly unforgettable, you've come to the right place. Finding the right person to perform your wedding ceremony may be one of many important decisions you'll make as a couple! After all, the ceremony is the heart of the event! Work with an Experienced Wedding Officiant who will help you create a personalized vow ceremony, so you can choose the words which are right for you! Whether you're planning a traditional wedding ceremony, a vow renewal to celebrate your love, or a commitment ceremony to mark your commitment to one another, we have the experience and expertise you need to ensure a beautiful and personalized ceremony that reflects your unique love story. We understand that every couple is different, which is why we take the time to get to know you and your partner, so we can create a ceremony that truly reflects your personalities, values, and vision for your future together. So if you're ready to start planning your dream ceremony, contact us today and let's get started!
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    • Professional Photography (up to 2 hours)

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Online Ceremony Builder

For accurate pricing, please Request a Quote

Prices vary depending on location of event. Prices may also vary by season and are subject to change.

We charge Premium Holiday rates on the following holidays to compensate our employees spending time away from their families on these popular holidays, as well as to cover additional time and travel expenses to account for heavier traffic and busier beaches and parking. Premium Holiday rates apply on the following dates:

  • New Year's Day

  • Valentine's Day

  • St. Patrick's Day

  • Independence Day

  • Halloween

  • Thanksgiving

  • Christmas Eve

  • Christmas Day

  • New Year's Eve

Marriage License

A Florida Marriage License is required for all marriages performed in the State of Florida. The Couple is responsible for obtaining a marriage license no sooner than 60 days prior to their wedding date and at least 3 days prior to their wedding date before their license becomes valid.  The Couple must apply together in person at their local Clerk of Court. The current cost is $86.00, which is not included in our fees. A $25.00 discount is offered to Florida residents who complete an approved pre-marital course.  The couple must present their marriage license to the Officiant on their wedding day. Please visit the Getting Married in FL page for more information on how to obtain your marriage license.

Rehearsal Facilitation

The key to a smooth and flawless ceremony is making sure the entire wedding party knows what their role is, and what is expected of them, come wedding day. A rehearsal is an important step to make sure everyone who is part of the processional and recessional march knows what to do. Hire an experienced rehearsal facilitator who will ensure your rehearsal is the most efficient and effective it could possibly be. We’ll guide you, your family, and your wedding party through the entire ceremony process, so that on your wedding day, walking down the aisle will be a breeze!
Rehearsal Facilitation $100

PA Speaker System

The biggest complaint among guests of beach weddings is not being able to hear the ceremony. On particularly windy days, it can be difficult to hear the Officiant over the natural sounds of the beach, and even more difficult to hear the couple say their vows, which is what your guests are there to witness. A PA system is recommended for beach weddings of more than 20 guests, for an amplified ceremony that may be heard over the natural sounds of the beach, such as wind and waves.

Ceremonies by the Sea PA System

Our Bluetooth PA Speaker System* is portable, with up to an 100-hour battery life. It features NFC Easy Pair, USB charging ports, and audio input capabilities. If you wish to have processional music played as you walk down the aisle, you may provide your own music on any Bluetooth-enabled device, and have someone in your party operate it.

For an additional fee, we can provide the music on our own device.  We'll download your song choices and play the music during the ceremony. We'll also play prelude music for your guests as they arrive to enjoy while they wait for the ceremony to begin. You may choose up to 4 songs and use these songs however you choose.  For example, some couples use 1-3 songs for the processional (one for family, groom, and groomsmen entrance, one for bridesmaids, and one for bride.)  If you have a smaller wedding party, you may choose to use only 2 songs during the processional (one for all wedding party to enter, one for the bride… as the bride always walks down to her own song).  Some couples play a song during the pouring of the sand ceremony, if you are doing one.  Some couples have a first dance after they are pronounced.  Always save one of your songs for the recessional (the newlywed exit song).  You don’t have to use all of your songs, but you may choose up to 4.  Songs must be available for purchase on iTunes.  Please let me know your song choices, and how you would like to use them… at least one week in advance of your wedding.  I need the names of the songs, artists, and versions of the songs, if applicable.

  • PA System $100

  • PA System with Music $150

* This PA System is a basic speaker unit, not professional-grade DJ equipment. It is intended for smaller events up to 50 guests, and it's effective range and sound projection is not designed for larger venues or guest counts. For a professional-grade system, it is recommended to contact a professional DJ, who will have more appropriate options which are more sufficient for larger weddings. The PA system is only available in fair weather conditions.

Decorative Marriage Certificate

A Silver or Gold foil commemorative marriage certificate suitable for framing may be drawn up as a souvenir. Includes matching embossed notarial seal and up to two witness lines. This certificate is decorative and cannot be used for legal purposes.
Silver or Gold Certificate $10
Additional copies for $5

Marriage Readiness Portfolio

Once you become husband and wife, there is a lot of important decisions to make regarding your future together.  Make sure you are prepared.  This portfolio includes an optional Pre-Marital or Marital Agreement, two Last Wills, Living Wills, & Healthcare POAs, and a SSA Name Change Form.  Includes providing and notarizing all necessary documents.
Marriage Readiness Portfolio $100

Frequently Asked Questions

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your lives. Therefore it is my personal opinion that you choose your Wedding Officiant with care. This person, after all, will be in many of your wedding photographs for years to come! The following are typical questions couples ask in preparation of their wedding day.  I hope you find this information helpful as you research Wedding Officiants in the area.

Why choose Ceremonies by the Sea?

Experience as well as professionalism are just as important when considering who will be delivering some of the most important words to you and your guests on your wedding day. I have delivered over 600 wedding ceremonies and each one has been unique. I dedicate myself to making sure my clients are getting everything they wish for out of their ceremony and that each ceremony is special in its own way. I strive to make sure it will be a ceremony that you and your guests will remember. I make sure that our work together results in a script that is truly your own, truly reflective of your personalities and your story, and gives your guests a gift of inspiration, of laughter, and of joy for you. And I promise to show up on time, professionally groomed and dressed to deliver your ceremony.

What is your pricing structure?

My fees reflect many things. Time is just one of them; planning, writing, editing, and fuel and travel expenses on the day. There is the actual wedding ceremony, and finally, there is the official paperwork that must be filed. There is also the factor of availability. Once you book, I block off that time, and in some cases the entire day, to dedicate myself to you and your wedding. In doing so, I may have to turn down other couples interested in getting married on the same day.

Of course, I believe the ceremony is the most important part of the entire wedding day (I would, wouldn't I!), and while my rates will never be the lowest of the choices, I believe you will find worth and value in my experience and the personalization I bring to every vow ceremony I deliver. My services are moderately priced and I stay competitive with my rates compared to others who offer similar services. I try to keep my rates reasonable without compromising my priority of personalized attention to each couple and their wedding.

Do we get to meet you?

A personal meeting is encouraged when possible, but is not required. A video call may also be arranged if you are not local to the area.

Is a rehearsal necessary and how much does it cost?

A difficult call. Much depends on the place and size of wedding. You should always, at the very least, walk through the ceremony with your wedding party. You may or may not need your Officiant present. I gladly participate in any rehearsal or rehearsal dinner, subject to availability. The fee for a formal rehearsal is based on up to one hour of rehearsal. Rehearsals outside of service area are subject to additional travel fees. Ask about our wedding rehearsal guide for DIY instructions.

What does the Officiant wear to the ceremony?

Appropriate business attire. A classy dress or suit, weather-dependent. Ivory robe if requested. The officiant typically confirms the dress-code according to each couple's wishes, and will coordinate colors with the wedding party, whenever possible.

What time does the Officiant arrive?

I usually arrive 20-30 minutes or so before the ceremony, unless otherwise requested. If we have not had a personal meeting in advance of the ceremony, it will be necessary to meet with the couple, (whether individually, or separately), as well as up to two witnesses you select, in order to review the marriage license, and check photo IDs. This may take up to 15 minutes, depending on the logistics of your wedding.

Does the Officiant stay for the reception or dinner?

While formal etiquette encourages the inclusion of the Officiant and their partner to attend a formal dinner or reception, an invitation is never assumed, nor are you under any obligation to extend an invitation. There is no additional charge if you request my attendance at a dinner or reception after the ceremony. It is not always possible for me to attend, especially if I have another wedding or event to officiate. You are welcome to ask when the time comes, and if a place setting has been planned for me and my guest. As a courtesy, if you wish for me to attend your reception, a formal invitation is helpful in advance of your wedding day.

Do you perform same-sex ceremonies?

Of course! We accept all types of couples and would be honored to officiate your  ceremony. Our online ceremony builder allows you to choose 'Bride' or 'Groom' for each marrying party so that you see words which best serve however you identify.

Do you perform commitment ceremonies or vow renewals?

Yes! In fact, there is a discount!  Part of our honorarium includes the "solemnization of vows" fee, which can be removed if your ceremony will not require filing with the State of Florida. So whether you are wanting to have a non-legal ceremony, were secretly already married in another state, or are renewing your vows to each other after years of happy marriage, our ceremony builder allows you to choose the words right for you.