Everything you need to know about getting married in Florida!

~ Obtaining Your Florida Marriage License ~
  • A Florida marriage license is required for all marriages performed in the State of Florida.

  • Out-of-state licenses cannot be accepted, nor is a Florida marriage license valid outside of Florida.

  • The couple must apply together in person at their local Clerk of Court to get sworn in.

  • Some counties allow you to submit your information online to expedite the process.

  • Applicants musts present two forms of ID, usually a driver's license and social security card.

  • If either have previously been married, they must also present proof of marital status.

  • All applicants are required to read the Florida Family Law Handbook before the marriage license will be issued.

  • You do not have to be married in the same county where you obtain your license.

  • The marriage license must be on the premises when the ceremony is performed.

  • The license expires exactly 60 days from the date of issue.

  • There is a 3-day waiting period for Florida residents. This waiting period is waived for non-residents.

  • The cost of a marriage license in Florida is $86.00.  There is a $25.00 discount offered for Florida residents who complete an approved premarital course. Also, the three day waiting period is waived.

  • If you are interested in taking a pre-marital course, we recommend Dr. Justin D'Arienzo. The cost of this online Florida premarital preparation course is $14.97 per couple.  Click Here to Register.

 The Family Law Handbook is required by the State of Florida to be read by all marriage license applicants before the marriage license is issued. The handbook is available for download below. Once you have both read it, you can visit your local Clerk of Court to apply. Some counties allow to submit your information online to expedite the process.

Click Below for the Florida Family Law Handbook

Marriage License by Mail

Florida residents are encouraged to visit their local Clerk of Court to obtain their marriage license. However, if you are from out of state, or do not think you will be able to visit a Florida Clerk of Court in person before your wedding date, Brevard County gives you the option to obtain your marriage license by mail. Please allow adequate time for processing, as postage mailing times cannot be guaranteed.

  1. Submit your information to Brevard County by mail, fax, or email, using the form linked below.

  2. Brevard County will email you the Application to Marry, and an Affidavit to print at home.

  3. The documents must be signed and sworn to by both applicants in the presence of a Notary Public in your state.

  4. The Notary must affix his/her stamp in the left margin, once for each of you. Click here for a sample.

  5. Note: it is NOT a valid marriage license at this point.

  6. MAIL the signed Application and Affidavit, with your payment, and a copy of your photo IDs back to Brevard County.

  7. Brevard County will process and validate your marriage license, and MAIL it back to you. DONE!

Remember to bring your validated marriage license with you when you travel to Florida, and present it to whomever will be performing your ceremony. As a reminder, you do not need to be married in the same county from which you obtained your license.

Click here for the Brevard County Mail Away License Form.

~ Changing Your Name ~ 

  • Social Security Card: The first step in doing a legal name change is to update your Social Security card. Pick up Form SS-5 at any Social Security office. You can call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 to request that a form be mailed to you, or you can download a copy of Form SS-5 on the SSA website.  The Social Security office must see the certified copy of your marriage license, so it is a good idea to go to your local office in person. (Although the name change can be done by mail, your certified copy may not be mailed back to you.)

  • Driver's License: Take the certified copy of the marriage license with your new social security card to your local Driver's License Department. There will be a fee to process the change.

  • Bank Accounts: Take your marriage license and valid photo identification to banks, savings and loans institutions, and credit unions where you have accounts.

  • Credit Cards. Normally, a copy of your marriage license with a note is sufficient. You need to mail the information to the address the credit card company uses for correspondence. However, some credit card companies may be willing to change your name with a simple phone call to customer service.

  • Voter Registration: A voter registration application may be included when the certified copy of the marriage license is returned to the newly married couple.  Otherwise, you can get the form from the office of the Supervisor of Elections.

  • Other: Your passport, car registration/title, business and professional licenses should also be changed if you want to make a formal name change. You should also notify your employer, your insurance provider, and your school or university, if you are currently enrolled.

~ Beach Weddings ~

Where can I have my ceremony?

We live in paradise, so it is no surprise the beach is a popular place to get married. Our local beaches offer picturesque views overlooking the rolling waves of the Atlantic. We travel to wherever you choose to have the ceremony, but you are responsible for securing the venue.  This includes all rental fees or permits associated with the venue of your choice. We just ask that when choosing a beach ceremony site, that it have reasonable access to the beach, so that any equipment or set-up items can be delivered efficiently.  If adequate access is not available, we may charge an extra labor fee in order to compensate our team for extended set-up times.

It is the couple's responsibility to find and hold a location for their wedding. Specifically, if the wedding is to be held at a beach location, it is the couple's responsibility to hold a space open at the agreed upon area for their wedding set-up and guests.

Click Here for a list of Local Beach Venues ~

~ Environmental Factors ~

Beach Access?

  • Beach Wedding Set-up requires adequate access to the beach in order to unload/load equipment to the ceremony site. Set-up will not be available at locations lacking beach access.

  • Certain locations with limited access may be subject to additional labor fees, starting at $250. 

  • Set-up may not be available during high tide or during inclement weather.  Tide and sunset times should be considered when choosing your event location, date, and time.

Bad Weather?

  • If an outdoor wedding is planned, Client is responsible for securing a back-up location in the event of inclement weather. If weather related issues arise, we will make every effort to re-create the set-up at the back-up location. 

  • Certain equipment might not be able to be installed during rain or in high winds. If we can wait out a storm for a brief period of time, we will.  But if we can't, we will move the ceremony to the back-up location.

  • No refund will be issued for equipment unable to be set-up due to bad weather or inadequate back-up location.

  • If there is a hurricane warning, we are happy to reschedule the ceremony for another day, as long as the date is not reserved.  Client assumes all risk and liability related to their choice of venue(s) and reserving rental equipment for their event.

Ceremony Time?

  • We accommodate for ceremonies from sunrise to sunset.  For the best lighting, we recommend scheduling your ceremony no later than an hour before sunset.  This allows time to get through the ceremony (15 minutes on average), and still have enough daylight for portraits with your family and wedding party, and for your newlywed portraits.

High Tide?

  • The tide forecast is definitely a factor when setting up beach weddings.  There are locations where there is either no beach or not enough beach available during high tide. The ideal time is to have your ceremony as close to low tide as possible.  This is so that when the team arrives to the ceremony location (up to 1 hour before the scheduled ceremony start time), there is enough beach available to begin setting up your wedding.

  • We do not recommend planning a wedding set-up during a time when the tide is coming in, if there is a chance it will reach high tide during your event.  We risk damaging our equipment due to a rogue wave, and you risk soaking your wedding guests if it comes up too high.

  • Let us know if you would like a recommendation on location, date, or time based on environmental factors such as sunset or high tide.

Summer Wedding?

  • We charge up to $500 extra during the months July-September due to excessive heat and additional help required to set up beach weddings in the Florida summer heat.

Hurricane Season?

  • Atlantic Hurricane Season occurs from June 1 to November 30. Peak hurricane season occurs primarily in the months of August thru September. Hurricanes can bring severe thunderstorms, extreme rain, and hurricane force winds. Certainly not ideal for a wedding, but more importantly, it would be dangerous travel conditions for our staff and clients alike. Additionally, major hurricanes can cause powerful storm surges, flash flooding, massive damage to vehicles and buildings, and extended power-outages. Client understands the risk in scheduling a wedding during these months.

  • If Client's event is adversely impacted by a hurricane or other similar natural disaster, there shall be no refunds for payments already received by CBTS. CBTS will use all reasonable efforts to work with Client to produce the Wedding at an earlier (if possible) or later date, subject to availability.

  • Non-Florida Residents: If you are traveling to Florida for your wedding from out of state during a hurricane warning, and you can avoid it, please do not come. Chances are, gas stations and markets are already running out of valued resources needed by residents trying to prepare for the storm, and additional visitors entering the State of Florida seriously impedes those who live here from obtaining potentially life saving supplies.

  • If a hurricane warning is issued in the days proceeding your event, it may be prudent to start rethinking your travel plans to Florida and/or rescheduling your wedding to an earlier (if possible) or later date. It just doesn't make sense for Client's families and friends, nor vendors working your event, to put themselves at risk when they have other things to be worrying about, such as preparing their families or homes. Clients, Guests, and Vendors alike won't be able to relax and enjoy themselves, or effectively perform their assigned duties at your event, if Client decides to push forward with it.

  • In the event of a hurricane warning, CBTS will reach out to Client for options regarding a reschedule of their event date and Client shall be given a deadline for which to respond. Our first concern is the safety of our staff, our clients, and their guests. If a mandatory evacuation is called for, we will heed all warnings and advise our staff and clients alike to evacuate the area before the worst of the storm hits. For liability concerns, we will not allow our staff to work or attend any event for which they cannot safely travel to or depart from.

  • If you decide to proceed with your wedding, and conditions that day are such that it would be unsafe or impossible for our staff to travel to your event location, or if a mandatory evacuation is called for, CBTS reserves the right to cancel your booking, without recourse. No refunds will be considered.


  • We charge a Premium Holiday rate on certain holidays to compensate our employees spending time away from their families on these popular holidays, as well as to cover additional time and travel expenses to account for heavier traffic and busier beaches and parking.

  • Premium Holiday rate applies on the following dates:
    New Year's Day • Valentine's Day • St. Patrick's Day • Independence Day • Halloween • Thanksgiving • Christmas Eve • Christmas Day • New Year's Eve

~ Beach Wedding Permits ~

Volusia County Beach Safety must be notified of all weddings that will take place on their local beaches. The necessary paperwork required depends on the total guest count that will be present during the event. Total guest count shall include the Couple, their wedding party, all of their guests, and any vendors who will be present. This information is provided as a courtesy and is subject to change. Read below to determine which documents will apply for your event or contact Volusia County Beach Safety for more information.

For events outside of Volusia County, it is the couple's responsibility to find out requirements for any permits specific to that county. Client shall check state and county rules to make sure they are in compliance.

Over 50 People:

Permits are required in Volusia County for beach events of more than 50 People. Client must fill out a Special Event Application with a Site Map and submit it to Beach Safety for approval, at a fee of $100. Special event insurance must also be purchased, naming CBTS as an Additional Insured. Proof of permit and insurance must be emailed to CBTS before any set-up may occur. If a permit is not secured, Client is responsible for any fines issued for non-compliance.

Special event liability insurance is required in conjunction with a beach permit, for events of more than 50 people. The Event Helper offers Special Event Insurance quotes based on your guest count. Contact Beach Safety for specific requirements.

Up to 50 People:

Beach Safety must be notified of any activity or event that includes 50 people or fewer, and does not require major set-up. Client must complete a Beach Activity Notification and submit it to Beach Safety for approval.  There is no fee for this, and special event insurance is not required. For some set-ups offered, CBTS may still require a permit, even if your guest count is less than 50 people, to ensure the ceremony site is available on the day of your wedding. Client is responsible for finding and holding the location of the ceremony for the set-up and their guests.

Volusia County beaches are public and sites are available on a first come, first serve basis. If you want to ensure that a specific site or location will be available to you for your wedding, it is recommended to obtain a permit, even if your guest count will be less than 50 people. The only guarantee to a site is with full payment for footage requested on a Special Event Application.

Once you've completed the appropriate form, email it to Lynea Lewis at Volusia County Beach Safety: ldlewis@volusia.org

~ Beach Preservation and Cleanliness ~

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.

You and your guests are expected to behave in a manner that fully protects and preserves the natural resources of our local beaches. All ceremony set-up is to be seaward of the Conservation Zone, conspicuously marked by posts and signs.  Federal Law prohibits any activity within 30 feet of a marked sea turtle nest. Lighting of any kind is prohibited during sea turtle nesting season (May 1st thru October 31st). You and your guests are to fully protect beach vegetation and to keep off the dune and dune vegetation at all times. It is unlawful to remove anything from the beach such as sand, vegetation, shells, or wildlife.

It is not CBTS’s responsibility to collect or dispose of any waste products left by you or your guests. Any and all waste produced at the event, by any individual, must be appropriately collected and disposed of in any of the many trash receptacles conveniently located along the waterfront, including, but limited to, food waste, plastic containers, soda cans, cigarette butts, bubble favors, ceremony programs, and flower petals. Styrofoam containers and toxic chemicals are prohibited from the beach at all times. Fabric flower petals are not to be used at any time, or under any circumstances, as they cannot easily be retrieved or disposed of, and pose a danger to wildlife.  You are encouraged to research environmentally-safe and bio-degradable alternatives.

It is the Client's responsibility to ensure their guests are being respectful of our local beaches by disposing of their own litter. You shall designate someone in your party to ensure beach cleanliness is maintained, and that all trash is collected and disposed of upon conclusion of the ceremony. If trash is not collected within a reasonable time, or if CBTS must clean up any waste left by you or your guests, you will be charged a $250 penalty for non-compliance. Additionally, you will be responsible for any fines issued by county officials.

In some cases, a $250 Beach Cleanliness Deposit will be required and collected to ensure that the ceremony site is left free of debris or litter left by you or your guests. If the beach is left in satisfactory condition prior to your departure, the deposit will be returned via check the week following your event. If trash is not collected within a reasonable time, or if CBTS must clean up any waste left by you or your guests, the beach cleanliness deposit will be forfeited, without recourse.